A few considerations…

No News: There are other places to have those conversations. Porbu is about what you are doing in your life, it is not about how other people conduct their lives. If you need a source for news I recommend looking through a minimum of five publications and make sure that at least two of those sources come from an opposing perspective.

No Hate Speech: This is a rolling and evolving rule that will include many of the obvious standards as well as others that you the user may not have considered. This is the nature of living in a society with more than one brain, one person, and one experience. We must shut up so we can learn and listen from each other. Through consensus and cooperation humanity has built wonders, through understanding and learning we can learn to do that without exploiting each other.

No Politics: There is a time and a place. Generally we agree not to drive our cars in the garden, we agree not to relieve ourselves on our dinner plates, and we can find consensus that asking the wind for directions can be exciting yet is not recommended as a matter of course. Porbu is neither the time nor the place. Consider sharing your politics with civility but more importantly with someone you can see and hear.

No Religion: Faith can be beautiful. The conviction required encompasses the entirety of being. Such a commitment can lead to profound generosity and community. In every faith there is a heart and soul of generosity, and we should all seek to find that heart. If you wish to share your faith then do so with your deeds and not your words. The beauty of the word regardless of it’s source will be seen in the heart of generosity you share with others.

All posts are only visible to logged in users, but all posts are visible to logged in users. The exception to this condition is through the creation of private groups. Build a coalition, get a group together and request the creation of a group through the contact page or by directly messaging the admin. All of these terms apply to all communications within Porbu.

A note on a few functions. The button to delete posts is a perma-delete button so be attentive to your taps. Also there is no edit button, always be intentional.